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Cash - Skill Based Games

Games at - Play Free Games ( Ltd.) is the world's largest social gaming community that allows users the ability to win CASH through fun game-play. hosts more than 100 games and is continually adding more each month. The site offers members bonus CASH rewards, the ability to challenge friends and make new ones. Every month, hosts more than 250 million games for members from over 50 different countries. The website is available in 9 languages and 7 currencies.

You can play for free or become a member and get access to deluxe games and play in live tournaments for CASH!

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WorldWinner Cash Competitions - Play Games Online For Cash

We are excited to bring you a whole new level of casual games.  We have partnered with WorldWinner to bring you skill based games (otherwise known as cash games). Skill Gaming is LEGAL and NOT Gambling. Unlike casino games (which are mostly games of chance) your chance of winning one of our games is directly related to your skill level in that particular game. If you win against the other players you take the cash!  We know you'll enjoy this next level of gaming. Join Now!

1. Who is WorldWinner?
WorldWinner is a five-year old games site that hosts over 20 games. The games - and this is important - are all skill-based contests. We weeded out the "luck-of-the-draw" factor so that there are no losing hands. And if you're playing against someone, you both get dealt the same hand. At WorldWinner, it's a game that relies purely on your vision and your agility. Not chance.
2. How Do I Play?
The answer is, any way you want. Against yourself, where you try to beat your personal best. Or against other players, where you're matched with opponents of equal skill. Of course, you can also simply challenge a friend. Generally, people start out as Guests, playing with "practice" money. When Guests are ready to take their competition to the next level, they become Members. Our role in all this is to host the matchups. You are the players. We are the playground.
3. How Much Does it Cost?
When you're ready to become a Member, make a deposit into your WorldWinner account using a credit card or PayPal. Then you compete in the game of your choice. When you win, money goes into your account. When you lose, well, you get the picture. One important thing to note. We never, never, never act as the "house". We have no financial interest in who wins. Only in helping you have a great time.
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GameDuell: Online Games - Real People, Real Prizes

GameDuell Inc. - Play online games

GameDuell is one of the world's largest skill gaming communities, which offers some of the most popular casual games like Pool, Darts, Solitaire, FreeCell, and many more. GameDuell is one-of-a-kind because users can play against real opponents and can win real prizes, even cash.

Since all games GameDuell offers are skill based games, it is not considered gambling and, therefore, the offer is legal in most of the United States*.

(*According to the legal situation in the US, citizens of the following states are unfortunately not allowed to become a Money Player on the GameDuell Website: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont.)

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