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3 Best Fun Photo Collage Apps for iPhone & iPad

Best Photo Collage Apps for iPhone and iPadPhoto collage apps for iPhone or iPad becomes increasingly popular. They give users an excellent way to tell a story, express yourself, create unique photography showcase and stand out when share with friends or on social media.

More than just taking photos for keeping memories of some beautiful times (travel, family dinner, records of baby's growth ...), with photo collage apps, you can combine multiple photos into one by creating a picture collage, and make your images look more interesting with many choice of photo frames, decorate items, professional image effects. You can easily post really cute pictures on facebook, instagram, etc.

On the App Store, you will find quite a lot of photo editing iPhone or iPad apps with similar features. Don't feel overwhelmed. Here, we round up our picks for the best iPhone/iPad photo collage makers.

Photo Grid Icon

#1 Photo Grid

Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Photo Grid is a quite popular free collage app. It automates the process of photo collage generation in an easy and fast way. Just select the photos you want to edit, Photo Grid will create good-looking collages to you automatically. Then share them via instagram, facebook, twitter, email and weibo.

Once get your prefer result, you can tweak it in lots of choices (add frames, text, emotions, cliparts; move, rotate, zoom, sketch, etc.) to get your collage looks better. It can even output square collages suitable for Instagram for sharing immediately. If you don't like the instant result, just shake your phone at will, Photo Grid will does all the rest work - combine a new collage from a different template. Cool "Shake" trick makes the photo editing work very interesting.

Unlike other apps that want too charge for more effects, everything in Photo Grid is free. With user friendly simple interface and menu, Photo Grid makes it easy and quick to create impressive photo collages. It's a must have collage maker app to everyone who love to edit pictures or Instagram users.

Photo Grid Screenshot With PhotoGrid you can convert your photos collection into amazing collages.
Pic Collage Icon

#2 Pic Collage

Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Pic Collage is a fun, fast, simple and free photo collage app for the iPhone and iPad that lets you create creative photo collages and share your handiwork. The app's interface is extremely user friendly and easy for anyone from 6 to 106 years old.

Pic Collage is more of a virtual pinboard than the typical linear grid setups of other apps. It does the "Collating Pictures" task onto a virtual canvas with simple touch gestures. Just choose the pictures, then you can change anything in the picture like a photo editor: clip photo, adjust borders, dress up photos with creative stickers, add text messages, apply photo filters and much more with your fingers. Even if you've never made a collage in your life, you can easily make really cute collages with this app.

Another cool part of this app is that you can use your own picture gallery to make a collage or search photos on the internet (directly with in the app), or Facebook. When creation is done, you can quickly save your work or share your collages on Instagram, Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, email and Weibo. In addition, you can print and ship it as a physical postcard if you prefer a more personal touch.

No advertisements and FREE. The developers are constantly adding the new stickers and backgrounds to maintain a quality user experiences. Upload, edit, arrange and share your photos all in one app. Do give this app a try if you love to collage pictures.

Pic Collage Screenshot New version adds holiday stickers and fonts and new "School Settings" feature: allows you to disable "Photos from Web" and all social features - perfect for classrooms!
PhotoShake Icon

#3 PhotoShake!

Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

PhotoShake! is a pretty fun and easy iPhone and iPad app for photo collage and editing. The app offers the most in the way of hassle-free creativity. For a professional photo result, you only need to do 3 simple steps: 1) Select a collage type, 2) Import photos, 3) Shake and edit (optional). PhotoShake! offers various features for collage customization: stickers, borders, backgrounds, photo effects and much more. You can change the frame, add stickers/patterns/speech ballons, tweak image effects and make other basic changes like zoom, rotate, resize and flip, etc.

What should be of concern is that PhotoShake! offers a number of image importing methods and social networking options. Photos can be imported from album, paste, WiFi, Flickr or Picasa. Your photo creativity can be saved to your album, or shared with family and friends on 16 social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Blogger, WordPress, etc.). Images can also be printed with Air Print.

This app enables users to combine and share photo collages by very easy and entertaining way. If you want a collage app, definately download it. Your next outstanding handiwork could be a shake way!

PhotoShake Screenshot Make professional looking photo collages by shaking iPhone.