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Jojo's Fashion Show 2

Return to the runway for a new season of high style! in addicting Jojo's Fashion Show 2 Game

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System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • Memory: 256 MB
  • DirectX: 7.0 or later
  • CPU: P4 800

free download Jojo's Fashion Show 2 game

Jojo's Fashion Show 2 Game Description

Last season Jojo Cruz came out of retirement to take the fashion world by storm. With the help of her daughter Rosalind, Jojo used her impeccable eye for matching outfits to brighten runways around the world. Unfortunately, the new editor at FWD has strong opinions about elegance and it doesn't match the Cruz vision. Can Jojo and Rosalind work together in the face of new challenges? Return to the runway for a new season of high style with Jojo's Fashion Show 2!

Jojo's Fashion Show 2 full version features include:

  • Thousands Of Stylish Outfits!
  • Clothing Styles From Prom to Bollywood!
  • 75 Action Filled Levels!
  • Create Your Favorites In Dress-Up Mode!

Game Screenshots

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Jojo's Fashion Show 2 Game Customer Reviews

I thought at first that this game was going to be terrible. It starts out very easy. Then I sat an played it all the way through, looking forward to going back and trying to beat my old scores once I got the hang of it. I would recommend to any time management fan, it was pretty cool.

- by charmedhpx

I liked the idea of male models being included. I LOVE the photo shoots.I finished the first one and decided to purchase this one without even doing the trial. The new fashions are way fun and sometimes I like to just throw things together to see if I can max out the points with random outfits. There has not been a better sequel than this since Diner Dash 2. TIPS I like to try and get model and style chains so I dress the models that have the 2 styles first and the random style last. Sometimes the next style that pops up is the last style you have dressed DON'T dress this model before you send out that last dressed model or you will lose your model chain. If you have time GET THOSE SIGNATURE OUTFITS they are pictured on the wall. Sometimes they are only 2 pieces and are worth 1000 points. If you think about and have time and dont have the power up dress the models up send out 1 and change the models when you come back in the dressing room to the correct style. Clothes on rack change.

- by daalmontte

I care nothing about fashion (my style is close to the Goth one so you see!) but still had plenty of fun with this game. Like the photo shoots and some of the new styles are amazing (Pirate Gypsy and Bollywood for ex.). The addition of men and matching pairs are great. Yes it looks like the first but I am not complaining for once. Pretty addictive!

- by Gaelle

For all of us frustrated fashionistas out there this is a fun game! I recommend it having played the first one as well. This one had more mixing of clothing genres which is def. fun! Get ready to have a blast!!

- by H.Elisa

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