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Super Smasher

Become a Super Smasher today! in addicting Super Smasher Game

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System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista
  • CPU: 1.2 GHz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • DirectX: 8.0

free download Super Smasher game

Super Smasher Game Description

Prepare yourself for the ride of your life in Super Smashers, a fast-paced game with funny characters and hilarious attractions! Play pranks on the visitors of the Super Smashers amusement park by shooting down their balloons and throwing cakes in their faces to get a hold of their special attraction tickets. Put on your boxing gloves and punch the funny circus clowns in this fun Action & Arcade game!

Super Smasher full version features include:

  • Hilarious gameplay
  • Fantastic powerups
  • Become a Super Smasher!

Game Screenshots

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Super Smasher Game Customer Reviews

What's more fun that throwing a cake at someone and not getting caught? Sneaky business shooting down balloons with a pea shooter, but oh so much fun! This cheery and colorful, easy to master game is a take home carnival that satisfies that mischievous itch to fling, smash and pop. Supply your own cotton candy and quick trigger finger and you're ready to go.

- by SnowHaze

If you are looking for something unique and a little different, you should check out Super Smasher. This game is undoubtedly sadistic, but in a fun way. Its your job to pop people's balloons and smash them in the face with pies. Its sounds cruel, but you so quickly get caught up in the action the cruelty of your actions doesn't hamper the fun. There are a couple different mini games that are similar to Bloons, Match-3 and Bust-A-Move. There are different modes you can play to adjust how hectic the game gets. I have to say I really enjoyed playing it and it was refreshing to have something different besides a time management or hidden object game.

- by zavy

Great mix of games built on a fundamentally enjoyable game mechanic. Easy to pick up and play. Addictive and strategic scoring structure. Really nice visual presentation.

- by Gamezebo

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