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Kivi's Underworld

Can you save the lumen people from the growing dark elf threat? in addicting Kivi's Underworld Game

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System Requirements

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
  • Memory: 128 MB
  • CPU: P 1.2GHz

free download Kivi's Underworld game

Kivi's Underworld Game Description

Explore the mystery of Kivi's Underworld! Become a mighty warrior and battle opponents by using the Fire Mage or choose a path of adventure and play as one of 20 different characters! Can you save the lumen people and defeat a growing dark elf threat, before they destroy your homeland? With fast paced action, hordes of monsters to defeat, tons of powerups, numerous deadly traps, hundreds of secrets to discover and much more, the challenge is yours in Kivi's Underworld!

Kivi's Underworld full version features include:

  • 30 Adventures To Explore And Conquer!
  • Easy To Learn Interface!
  • 20 Characters To Choose From!
  • Hundreds Of Secrets To Discover!

Game Screenshots

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Kivi's Underworld Game Customer Reviews

I like it even more than Depths of Peril. Hey, I did not say I didn't like Depths of Peril. I still like it, but I like Kivi's Underworld even more. Why? Because it gets better and better as I go on. So far, I know that new characters unlock and... I can't say anymore because... I don't know... just yet.

- by Gaimer

A nice little effort from a small company. One of the best kinds of game experience a player can have is role play. To lose oneself in a character while playing a game is a very pleasant way to spend a few hours gaming, and all you need is a decent game to play. Its nice to see that in these times of financial hard knocks gamers can still pick up cheap games that are fun to play at a low cost. Kivis Underworld is that kind of game.

... Overall this is a nice little game. Its not trying to be anything but a fun RPG and in this it does well. You wont be wowed by the graphics or the story but you will probably be entertained, and that in the end is what a game should be doing. At a low price of $19.99 it certainly is a nice game for download.

- by Chris Stavros

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